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At Verdigris We Raised $6.7 million to Go Further, Faster

Dear Customers, Friends and Advisors of Verdigris,

As you may have already seen, we announced our financing last week!  It was a big milestone for our team. Since we’ve announced we’ve seen a surge in the traffic to our website. We've received some exciting press coverage.  My inbox is flooded…

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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Automated Demand Management for the Better

Facilities managers face new issues every day when running their buildings. They work around the clock to keep their building running, but there are many factors that can get in their way:
  • They have a large number of people and systems to manage.
  • When a system breaks down, that becomes…
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M&V Modeling with Limited Data

In an earlier blog post, we detailed how Verdigris helped Juan, the General Manager of the Orchard Hotel Group in San Francisco, perform measurement and verification (M&V) of a retrofit on his cooling tower. The old 2-step fan drive was upgraded to a variable frequency drive (VFD). The upgrade…

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Better Measurement and Verification with Verdigris – VFD retrofit at the Orchard Hotel

It’s easy to spend money on energy efficiency. Between LED lights, solar panels, smart windows, battery storage, you name it – there are billions of dollars going around. What’s harder is to verify that your investment makes financial sense. How do you know that your retrofit is delivering the…

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Motor Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Motors are the key component to many types of machines. We are specifically referring to three-phase induction motors. They run compressors, fans, blowers, elevators, pumps, conveyor belts, and turbines. Motors are simple and robust but they can fail.

The average failure rate for time to first…

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Motor Faults – Six Months of R&D in Five Days

One of the great things about working at an innovative startup like Verdigris is the ability to move fast. Really fast. 

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Energy Tracker UI/UX Design – The Verdigris Way

On the surface, this is a story of how Verdigris redesigned the User Interface ("UI") for a sophisticated electricity monitoring mobile app, Energy Tracker. But like most things that seem simple at first view, there’s a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

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Announcing our Latest Round of Funding

At Verdigris our engineers work hard to optimize critical facilities and reduce energy waste. This comes from knowing how important our mission is to our customers. We also feel so privileged and grateful for our customers and partners. From experience we know all too well the ups and downs of…

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Automating Short Cycling Detection to Maintain Equipment Health

What is Short Cycling?

Short cycling is the rapid turning on and off of a mechanical system, and occurs frequently in air-compressors, furnaces, chillers and AC units. It can be caused by dirty air filters, an oversized system, or the differential pressure being set too small. This rapid…

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Three Solutions for the Orchard Hotel Group

In 2015, Juan Bueno of the Orchard Hotel Group contacted Verdigris to help him solve two problems. In our most recent case study, learn how we helped Orchard Hotels solve both problems: making staff more efficient, and improving Measurement & Verification efforts. Beyond that, we also provided…

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Four Important Reasons to Demand Better Energy Data

Picture the modern office building: what do you see? Probably tall, with a flashy lobby, maybe a corporate logo on top. Made of all glass, right?

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3 Ways to Make Commercial Real Estate Easier

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how "going green" in commercial real estate could translate to huge value improvement for building owners.  But there are many players in the commercial real estate value chain. Ownership groups have portfolio managers. Each building has a facility engineer.…

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