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Don't come up "short" during LEED certification: 1 way to get 2 LEED credits


Your organization is committed to energy efficiency, and you've dedicated months, or even years into preparing for LEED certification. You think you have just enough credits to get you there. But is a 5 or even 10 point buffer really enough to get over the hurdle?

With more corporations seeing the power of “going green,” LEED credits have become valuable commodities. Existing buildings getting retrofitted for LEED certification can be especially challenging and require major construction overhauls. How can you easily rack up extra points to ensure certification?

Installing an Advanced Energy Metering system is an inexpensive and minimally invasive way to get up to 2 LEED points. 

According to the USGBC, to get 2 points (option 2, advanced metering):

"Install advanced energy metering for the following:

  • all energy sources used in the tenant space; and
  • any individual energy end uses that represent 10% or more of the total annual consumption of the tenant space.

The advanced energy metering must have the following characteristics.

  • Meters must be permanently installed, record at intervals of one hour or less, and transmit data to a remote location.
  • Electricity meters must record both consumption and demand. Whole-building electricity meters should record the power factor, if appropriate.
  • The data collection system must use a local area network, building automation system, wireless network, or comparable communication infrastructure.
  • The system must be capable of storing all meter data for at least 18 months.
  • The data must be remotely accessible.
  • All meters in the system must be capable of reporting hourly, daily, monthly, and annual energy use."

Sometimes, even buildings that were once “cutting edge” become obsolete and lose their LEED status. Advanced Energy Monitoring is an inexpensive way to gain points and assist with the other projects needed to get to Silver, Gold, or Platinum LEED status.

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