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How to get your own facilities management crystal ball...

OK, maybe not a crystal ball, but did you know you can...

Facilities Managmenet Crystal Ball

...detect motor faults before your team would have found them?

Fault detection data analytics is especially useful with operation-critical heavy load motors. By detecting motor faults early, facilities managers can reduce downtime and save money on last-minute repairs.

A motor fault can be detected on an elevator or an HVAC pump and can be addressed before leaving occupants stuck or without air conditioning.

Motor fault detection requires extremely high resolution monitoring of either dedicated circuit equipment or algorithmic disaggregation of different equipment signatures.

Here’s how motor fault detection works:

  1. Energy consumption data is collected continuously from circuit-dedicated devices, by current transformers on the circuit breaker
  2. Frequency analysis is used to determine a baseline “normal” operational signature, including multiple “states” of the equipment
  3. Algorithms periodically parse incoming energy data and detect anomalies in the signature, indicating a motor fault (typically expressed as additional frequency bands outside of normal operations)

Depending on the service, motor faults can be translated into alerts for users to take action, such as recommending a reset, shutdown, or maintenance call, depending on the nature of the fault.

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