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The Verdigris blog provides resources for facility managers, chief engineers, property management and building owners to run their facilities even better

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Verdigris’ New Tracker App: Instantly Revealing Invisible Energy and Equipment Problems

We are very excited to announce the latest addition to the Verdigris energy intelligence platform: Tracker! 

Tracker is the most sophisticated electricity monitoring product on the market today, born out of the frustration of working in day-to-day building operations.

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How to Prove ROI Faster: Automate Measurement & Verification of Energy Efficiency Projects

Verdigris was recently featured in a Smart Building Center Case Study

It's no surprise that property ownership and management want to know the ROI of past energy efficiency investments before approving more big purchases. But even the best trained chief engineers and facilities managers don't…

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3 Ways a W Hotel Chief Engineer Improved his Kitchen Equipment Operations

Do you manage a restaurant or oversee operations at a hotel or commercial facility that contains a restaurant? With this free download you will learn how W Hotel Chief Engineer Bill DeMartini improved his kitchen equipment operations.

Bon appétit!

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Zombies, Monsters, and...Vampire Loads? Oh My!

What's your Halloween costume?

I have a feeling nobody will be dressed as an energy-sucking overnight-running computer monitor.  

But if you’re a commercial building engineer – or a cost-conscious homeowner – you can be sure that unknown devices in your building are sucking up energy when you…

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The Superhero Secret to Achieving Corporate Energy Reduction Goals

Corporate are increasingly looking at their employees to be superheroes in the good fight against energy waste. This year 57% of corporations have formal energy reduction initiatives, up from 46% last year. That's a lot of corporations, and a lot of energy waste to conquer! 

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Do You Know How to Reduce Demand Charges?

Do you know how much your demand charges are, how to reduce them, or even what demand charges are? 

Utility companies dis-incentivize energy usage during high demand times to avoid grid-wide brownouts and blackouts. This often means facilities are charged more for energy during the hottest…

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5 Questions About Energy Every Hotel Chief Engineer Should Know

It's an understatement to say that Chief Engineers are "busy." As the head of hotel facility operations, the Chief Engineer is under the gun to make sure all of the guests--and staff!--are safe and comfortable in their home away from home. This means maintaining equipment, managing hazards…

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Don't come up "short" during LEED certification: 1 way to get 2 LEED credits

Your organization is committed to energy efficiency, and you've dedicated months, or even years into preparing for LEED certification. You think you have just enough credits to get you there. But is a 5 or even 10 point buffer really enough to get over the hurdle?

With more corporations seeing…

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How to get your own facilities management crystal ball...

OK, maybe not a crystal ball, but did you know you can...

...detect motor faults before your team would have found them?

Fault detection data analytics is especially useful with operation-critical heavy load motors. By detecting motor faults early, facilities managers can reduce downtime and…

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Find Hidden Savings in Your Time-of-Use Electricity Billing

Is your facility on Time of Use billing?

If you don't know the answer to that question, there's a large chance you have thousands of dollars to save by digging deeper.

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The Trillion Dollar Reason Energy Efficiency Can't be Ignored

Using energy inefficiently in commercial buildings is leaving trillions on the table.

Energy efficiency is invisible fuel: it does good for the planet while saving businesses serious cash. In fact, the value of energy efficiency could be in the trillions, according the the New York Times. With…

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