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Three Solutions for the Orchard Hotel Group

In 2015, Juan Bueno of the Orchard Hotel Group Orchard-Case_Cover.jpgcontacted Verdigris to help him solve two problems. In our most recent case study, learn how we helped Orchard Hotels solve both problems: making staff more efficient, and improving Measurement & Verification efforts. Beyond that, we also provided valuable benchmarking analysis for portfolio management. 

Operational Efficiency: Boosting Staff Capacity

JuanBueno_Quote_Delegate-information-operational-efficiency.pngAs the General Manager of two hotels, Juan couldn't keep up with his own schedule. His engineering team was understaffed. Daily walkthroughs were time consuming. Actually finding the problems in the building was mostly reliant on luck.

Using our high definition data, Orchard engineers were able to go straight to the problem. Juan could delegate tasks and manage both buildings without walking around. His small team was now more efficient, and so, more effective. See some examples of problems we found in our case study. 

Better M&V: Know Your Real ROI

Measurement and Verification of energy efficiency measures is a constant challenge. I recently compared it to pushing on a balloon. Even with good results, it's tough to get accurate data that's usable. Verdigris can provide a unique data stream with device-level detail to enhance M&V efforts.

At Orchard, Juan had installed a variable frequency drive on his cooling towers. Using before-and-after data, Juan could isolate the performance of the VFD using Verdigris data. Supported by our advanced statistical modeling, Juan could prove the exact ROI of this investment to his ownership. The interesting part is knowing how this ROI compared to his vendor's sales pitch

Portfolio Management and Benchmarking

With a seamless, end-to-end solution, Verdigris makes portfolio management easier. Juan used Verdigris to dig into the differences between his two properties. Understanding how each property – just two blocks apart – consumed energy was a key focus. Verdigris shows him energy not just by floor, but by room. He can confirm the value of his keycard access system. With granular monitoring, Juan can see the exact sources of energy use.

There's plenty more in the case study.

Download it here, then see how Verdigris can help improve operations in your hotel or office building. And stay tuned for more detail on our VFD measurement and verification analysis on the blog. 

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Matt Bereman

After a long career on Wall Street, Matt joined Verdigris to help make a dent in the largest source of wasted energy on the planet – the built environment.