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IoT Data Security: or, how to keep the NSA out of your building

Everyone is worried about data security these days. And rightfully so – good actors and bad are constantly trying to access your data.

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Office Wars: The Space Heaters Awaken

The cold weather is here at Verdigris HQ (yes, it gets cold in California!) and we received the annual email titled,"Use of Office Space Heaters," from our landlords. This email was unsurprising: our NASA research campus building is old and inefficiently heated. My co-worker has his toasty toes…

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From the Design Team: Our First Step Toward Connected Buildings

Building operators are busy, busy people. The bulk of their time is spent responding to urgent requests and fighting fires: occupant complaints, sudden breakdowns in heating and cooling, or an unexpected blackout from downed power lines. From dozens of conversations that we’ve had with facility…

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The Superhero Secret to Achieving Corporate Energy Reduction Goals

Corporate are increasingly looking at their employees to be superheroes in the good fight against energy waste. This year 57% of corporations have formal energy reduction initiatives, up from 46% last year. That's a lot of corporations, and a lot of energy waste to conquer! 

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Do You Know How to Reduce Demand Charges?

Do you know how much your demand charges are, how to reduce them, or even what demand charges are? 

Utility companies dis-incentivize energy usage during high demand times to avoid grid-wide brownouts and blackouts. This often means facilities are charged more for energy during the hottest…

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5 Questions About Energy Every Hotel Chief Engineer Should Know

It's an understatement to say that Chief Engineers are "busy." As the head of hotel facility operations, the Chief Engineer is under the gun to make sure all of the guests--and staff!--are safe and comfortable in their home away from home. This means maintaining equipment, managing hazards…

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How to get your own facilities management crystal ball...

OK, maybe not a crystal ball, but did you know you can...

...detect motor faults before your team would have found them?

Fault detection data analytics is especially useful with operation-critical heavy load motors. By detecting motor faults early, facilities managers can reduce downtime and…

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Find Hidden Savings in Your Time-of-Use Electricity Billing

Is your facility on Time of Use billing?

If you don't know the answer to that question, there's a large chance you have thousands of dollars to save by digging deeper.

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The Trillion Dollar Reason Energy Efficiency Can't be Ignored

Using energy inefficiently in commercial buildings is leaving trillions on the table.

Energy efficiency is invisible fuel: it does good for the planet while saving businesses serious cash. In fact, the value of energy efficiency could be in the trillions, according the the New York Times. With…

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15 Ways to Run Your Facility Better with Energy Data

Today, the most successful facilities managers and chief engineers are using advanced power monitoring to increase equipment uptime and reduce energy consumption under tight staffing and budget constraints. 

While building monitoring systems offer insight into a limited subset of equipment, new…

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Why Smart Facilities Managers Don't Wait for an Audit to Save Energy

How long has it been since you had a professional energy audit? Chances are it’s been a year or longer, because energy audits are time consuming and can be costly. 

Energy audits may feel very productive because many small issues with energy efficiency accumulate between visits, making the…

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