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M&V Modeling with Limited Data

In an earlier blog post, we detailed how Verdigris helped Juan, the General Manager of the Orchard Hotel Group in San Francisco, perform measurement and verification (M&V) of a retrofit on his cooling tower. The old 2-step fan drive was upgraded to a variable frequency drive (VFD). The upgrade…

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Better Measurement and Verification with Verdigris – VFD retrofit at the Orchard Hotel

It’s easy to spend money on energy efficiency. Between LED lights, solar panels, smart windows, battery storage, you name it – there are billions of dollars going around. What’s harder is to verify that your investment makes financial sense. How do you know that your retrofit is delivering the…

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Three Solutions for the Orchard Hotel Group

In 2015, Juan Bueno of the Orchard Hotel Group contacted Verdigris to help him solve two problems. In our most recent case study, learn how we helped Orchard Hotels solve both problems: making staff more efficient, and improving Measurement & Verification efforts. Beyond that, we also provided…

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How to Prove ROI Faster: Automate Measurement & Verification of Energy Efficiency Projects

Verdigris was recently featured in a Smart Building Center Case Study

It's no surprise that property ownership and management want to know the ROI of past energy efficiency investments before approving more big purchases. But even the best trained chief engineers and facilities managers don't…