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M&V Modeling with Limited Data

In an earlier blog post, we detailed how Verdigris helped Juan, the General Manager of the Orchard Hotel Group in San Francisco, perform measurement and verification (M&V) of a retrofit on his cooling tower. The old 2-step fan drive was upgraded to a variable frequency drive (VFD). The upgrade…

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Four Important Reasons to Demand Better Energy Data

Picture the modern office building: what do you see? Probably tall, with a flashy lobby, maybe a corporate logo on top. Made of all glass, right?

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How to Turn Green Buildings into Green Money

Generating revenue is better than avoiding costs – pretty much any business school will tell you that. What you may not know is that when your product is real estate, it’s possible to do both at once.

For a commercial real estate manager investing in sustainability, Verdigris provides high…

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How Vention Medical got on Track for a Sustainable 2016

In recognition of the link between human and environmental health and consumer demands for more sustainable products, healthcare supply chains are investing in sustainability.

Vention Medical is a global leader in complex medical device 

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Office Wars: The Space Heaters Awaken

The cold weather is here at Verdigris HQ (yes, it gets cold in California!) and we received the annual email titled,"Use of Office Space Heaters," from our landlords. This email was unsurprising: our NASA research campus building is old and inefficiently heated. My co-worker has his toasty toes…